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Marie Giovanna

With over 30 years of experience in the as a holistic practitioner, I have acquired a diverse skill set that encompasses various modalities including Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot and Akashic readings Chakra workshops, and Spiritual counseling.

My readings are designed to be an inspiring way to unveil deeper insights and guide you towards your own intuitive reasonings. My intention is to create a safe and nurturing space for clients to cultivate the garden of their soul and experience the magnificent blossoming of their own true nature!

Over the past decades, I have especially enjoyed creating and hosting Workshops, Retreats, and Ceremonies designed to honor special Life Events, such as Weddings, Spiritual Awakenings, Age Passages and Celebrations of Life. It brings me great joy to share my teachings with others so they may discover the tools to activate their own inner intelligence and strength and com einto alignment with their own unique gifts and Authentic self!

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Going directly to the Records in the Akashic Realm, one can recieve information and guidance to clarify, create, and understand so much more.

Every thought, breath, and action of our incarcerations, past, present, and future is stored in the Akashic. Throughout history, many of our greatest thought leaders, scientists, and inventors claim to have recieved their information directly from these records.

A reading from the Akashic Records gives us access to this divine intelligence to become potent activators in raising our persoanl and consciousness.


Readings with Tarot can be inspiring and even “fun” way to unveil deeper insight and understanding.

So much more than simply pictures, the cards portray stories of our Archetypes, Influences, Possibilities and so much more. Tarot can also be a wonderful way to become more attuned in our everyday life as we learn to recognize the gentle messages of Spirit all around us.


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Client Testimonials

During my reading with Marie, I felt very comfortable and safe to speak about personal events in my life. i also enjoyed the opportunity to connect my guides and receive guidance. I was pleasantly surprised by the opening mantras and the invitation to be included. This participation allowed me greater awareness towards my own wisdom. I found clarity in my situation and validation that what I am seeing is aligned with my Higher Self. It feels good to have a tangible resource for direction and someone to help make it relatable. I was faced with a personal dilemma regarding an ex and i felt confident in the direction I needed to go. Alos, with starting a new career the reading was immediately spot on regardign where I was in my career progress. Guidance was provided that allowed me to take caution during the upocming months but also was empowering to know that I am supported spiritually. If you are looking for clarity, guidance, or validation in your life, a reading with Marie would be extremely valuable.


New York

I have been a client for about eight years. Each session with Marie feels like I am being mentored through conversation with her and I am left with hope, encouragement, and a newfound clarity of my life’s path. My most surprising aspect of the readings I have had is that whatever I am going through, it displays itself through the cards and the readings. In our sessions I gain clarity where there was confusion, and I am able to refocus. Instead of feeling scattered, I am able to make sense of what is going on and create a plan to move forward with a sense of renewed confidence and clarity.

I would highly recommend Marie. Her readings offer validation, clarity, and encouragement in the right direction and you leave the session feeling more at ease, less anxious and have a renewed sense of self and purpose moving forward.


Northern California


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